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Article Subject Newspaper Print Date
Description of smallpox outbreak. Death of Charles Brouthaker. Friday, June 1, 1877
Masonic Lodge information. Friday, June 1, 1877
List of township officers for 1877. Friday, June 1, 1877
School apportionments from the state. Friday, June 1, 1877
Fires in the township. Friday, June 8, 1877
Fire threatens Perley Silverthorn's house. Friday, June 8, 1877
Follow-up on the smallpox outbreak. Friday, June 8, 1877
Altercation in a logging camp. Friday, June 8, 1877
Drowning of Joseph Segar at the county poor house. Friday, June 8, 1877
Another announcement of the Lott-Fralic marriage, with editorial comment. Friday, June 8, 1877