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Article Subject Newspaper Print Date
Christmas boating by local young people. Friday, January 4, 1878
Death of Caroline Nestle, wife of Harvey Nestle, on 12/24/1877. Friday, January 4, 1878
George Wm. Beever arrested for robbing Dr. Herring. Friday, January 18, 1878
A dentist is visiting town. Friday, January 25, 1878
Man found in the road nearly frozen to death. Friday, January 25, 1878
Alger & Co. buy 10,000 acres in Alcona Township. Friday, January 25, 1878
Discussion of county roads. Friday, January 25, 1878
Comments on the L. S. S. by some of the crew members of the Monterey. Friday, February 1, 1878
Death of the man found frozen in the road. Friday, February 1, 1878
A little snow fell, although not enough for logging. Friday, February 1, 1878