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A note about the LSS crew. Friday, September 5, 1879
A number of family members go on an excursion. Thursday, May 22, 1902
A nurseryman is selling fruit trees to farmers. Friday, May 3, 1878
A parody of a song--this one's about Duncan McArthur, and his way of getting votes in the caucus. This was published just after Duncan lost the election in 1887; he had won several previous elections handily. Friday, April 22, 1887
A partial list of those who will exhibit produce in the state fair in Detroit. Friday, August 29, 1879
A party at Black River with LSS personnel. Thursday, March 7, 1901
A party is given for Mr. and Mrs. Milo Johnson. Friday, July 25, 1913
A party of Frenchmen is in the area looking for land. Friday, March 8, 1878
A picnic at the Point. Friday, August 26, 1881
A Port Huron man is going to open a jewelry shop in Black River. Thursday, August 15, 1895