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Letter from the wife of a farmer? thanking the Alcona County Reform Club people for providing an alternative to bars for her husband, who now wears the red ribbon. Friday, February 8, 1878
Death of a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles (and almost certainly Christina) Larson on 2/4/1878. Friday, February 8, 1878
Joseph Yuill badly injured by a falling limb. Friday, February 8, 1878
Description of one day's work for a logging train. Friday, February 8, 1878
Birth of a child. Friday, February 8, 1878
Warning from R. A. Alger Co. that it is not liable for injuries to people hitching rides on its trains. Friday, February 15, 1878
Death of Eunice D. Chisolm, wife of Roderick (name found in death records). Friday, February 15, 1878
Announcement of the building of a railroad from Black River into the interior. Friday, February 15, 1878
Birth of a son to R. L. Lott. Friday, February 22, 1878
Response to the letter of appreciation for the Reform Club reading room. Friday, February 22, 1878