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A donation party is held to help pay the M. E. minister. Friday, March 1, 1878
Uriah Emerson cuts a lot of wood in one day. Friday, March 1, 1878
Farm land for sale. Friday, March 1, 1878
Birth of a son to Samuel Girvin and Rachel Carpenter. Friday, March 1, 1878
The roads are in bad shape. Friday, March 8, 1878
Methods to attract more settlers to the area. Friday, March 8, 1878
A party of Frenchmen is in the area looking for land. Friday, March 8, 1878
Alger & Co.'s train hauls a lot of wood. Friday, March 8, 1878
Timber slides can be used to get the timber to the shore. Friday, March 8, 1878
An effort to change the mail schedule. Friday, March 22, 1878