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A schooner is anchored off the Point. Friday, August 11, 1882
A schooner runs aground and is saved by the life saving crew. Friday, September 5, 1879
A second article on Maude Proctor. Thursday, May 10, 1894
A second article on the death of Luther (called Arthur in the death record), son of Charles & Harriett Hawkins, on 2/29/1893, of consumption. Thursday, March 2, 1893
A second obituary for Edwin Holmes, Sr. Thursday, April 19, 1906
A second obituary for Pearl E. Roorda. Wednesday, June 8, 2005
A shingle mill gets whitewashed to prevent fire. Friday, August 1, 1879
A ship is seen burning far out in the lake. Thursday, November 10, 1898
A shortage of funding threatens the LSS schedule. Thursday, April 9, 1891
A sister comes a long way to visit the Point. Thursday, August 18, 1898