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G. L. Colwell will extend his rail line rather than build a slide. Friday, March 29, 1878
Birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gram; she died a few days later. Friday, March 29, 1878
The Review needs to hire a printer. Friday, April 5, 1878
Two loggers get into a fight. Friday, April 5, 1878
The Marine City brings up iron for the extension of Alger's railroad. Friday, April 5, 1878
Election results for the Spring elections. Friday, April 5, 1878
A clothing salesman is in town with goods for women and children. Friday, April 12, 1878
Another logger is putting in a railroad. Friday, April 12, 1878
More logging railroads are being built. Friday, April 12, 1878
The Life Saving Station has a strong spy-glass. Friday, April 12, 1878