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Article Subject Newspaper Print Date
Accident in the woods to Alfred LaChappelle. Friday, June 8, 1877
Marriage of McDonald N. Campbell and Margaret A. Hood on 6/21/1877. Friday, June 22, 1877
Fires raging in the county. Friday, June 22, 1877
Visitor at the Point. Friday, June 29, 1877
Lightning damage to telegraph poles during a storm. Friday, June 29, 1877
Marriage of Abram Noyes and Clara Henning on 6/27/1877. Friday, June 29, 1877
Restrictions on visiting the Sturgeon Point lighthouse on Sundays. Friday, July 6, 1877
The need for a jail in the county. Friday, July 6, 1877
Death of William Conklin on 7/6/1877. Friday, July 6, 1877
Birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lawson on 7/10/1877. Friday, July 13, 1877