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Article Subject Newspaper Print Date
Description of the building of a house. Friday, July 13, 1877
More on the death of William Conklin. Friday, July 13, 1877
Letter of thanks from Alfred LaChappelle, who was injured fighting a fire in the woods. Friday, July 13, 1877
Death of Patrick Murphy on July 13, 1877 in Au Sable. Friday, July 13, 1877
Addison Silverthorn shoots a rattlesnake near the lighthouse. Friday, July 13, 1877
Death of Graeme M. Wilson of Bay County, 7/10/1877. Friday, July 13, 1877
Death of William Conklin-2nd article. Friday, July 13, 1877
John Pasque, lighthouse keeper, is catching large sturgeon. Friday, July 27, 1877
Warning to parents about letting their children carry matches. Friday, July 27, 1877
Freak lightning strike. Friday, July 27, 1877