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A bill before both houses of Congress provides for pensions for LSS members, their widows and orphans. Thursday, January 9, 1896
A bill is introduced to raise LSS crew pay and make it on a par with the army. Thursday, November 29, 1894
A book is donated to the LSS library. Thursday, July 16, 1891
A boy describes his trip to the lighthouse. Friday, October 11, 1878
A butcher makes deliveries. Friday, May 2, 1879
A captain of another LSS is suspended for neglect of duty. Friday, December 7, 1888
A cellar is being built under Thomas Miller's store. Thursday, June 13, 1895
A cemetery bee was held to clean up the cemetery (probably Harrisville). Friday, June 21, 1878
A Chicago shoemaker is a crook, and Duncan is inadvertently involved. Friday, April 21, 1882
A child of Colin Campbell died of diphtheria on 12/12/1878. Friday, December 13, 1878