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A former lifesaver has an adventure at another LS station. Thursday, December 16, 1909
A Fourth of July picnic at the Point is well received. The LSS crew and their families provided the entertainment. Friday, July 12, 1889
A fox on the Point. Thursday, June 17, 1915
A further description of the death of Angus Smith. Friday, September 26, 1879
A ghost sighting in Alcona. Friday, December 28, 1877
A government steamer visits the LSS. Friday, June 17, 1887
A grounded schooner has to dump its coal load. Friday, September 12, 1879
A large number of frogs in the county. Friday, May 10, 1878
A large sturgeon is speared at Sturgeon Point. Friday, July 2, 1886
A letter is found in a bottle at the Point, advertising the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901. Thursday, November 9, 1899