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Article Subject Newspaper Print Date
Birth of a daughter (Caroline?) to Dan and Sarah Noyes. Friday, October 19, 1877
The County Board takes up the question of building a county jail. Friday, October 19, 1877
A note about mail delivery coming overland. Friday, October 26, 1877
Some notes on deer hunting. Friday, October 26, 1877
Lead paint being used to paint the McLennan house. Friday, October 26, 1877
Fishing results. Friday, October 26, 1877
A little bragging about the quality of Alcona County farmland. Friday, October 26, 1877
Complaints of ruffian behavior by the boys at church. Friday, October 26, 1877
Edward Chapelle to appear before circuit court on embezzling charges. Also to appear on another charge. Friday, November 9, 1877
Birth of a boy to George Emerson. Friday, November 16, 1877