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A lot of guesses have been received about the opening of shipping. Thursday, March 24, 1892
A lot of lightning damage. Thursday, August 17, 1911
A lottery was held on the opening day of shipping. Thursday, March 10, 1892
A man canceled his subscription to the paper because of the favorable article about the LSS the previous week. Friday, May 2, 1879
A member of the Thunder Bay LSS crew will accompany a polar expedition. Thursday, May 20, 1897
A millinery saleswoman will be in town. Friday, March 22, 1878
A minstrel show is coming to Harrisville. Friday, February 18, 1916
A new 90' pier will be built at Sturgeon Point to protect the lighthouse tower. Friday, December 18, 1885
A new band director is hired. Friday, January 30, 1885
A new engineer is working for Alger & Co. Friday, April 12, 1878