Alcona County Newspaper Articles

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Article Subject Newspaper Print Date
Ad for W. F. Carle's hotel in Alcona. Friday, December 7, 1877
Year end review of the county by Alcona Twp. correspondent Achid. Friday, December 7, 1877
Duties of the lighthouse keeper and the life-saving service (LSS), after a shipwreck causes criticism. Friday, December 7, 1877
Announcement of Christmas Eve dance. Friday, December 14, 1877
Recent marriage of James S. Churchill [to Mary Olmstead, who died in childbirth 5/2/1880?]. Friday, December 14, 1877
Response to the criticism of the Life Saving Station Keeper. Friday, December 21, 1877
The LSS superintendent passes through. Friday, December 21, 1877
A ghost sighting in Alcona. Friday, December 28, 1877
Achid continues the argument for new roads in Alcona Tp.; plus observations on births and drinking. Friday, December 28, 1877
Death of Jerome Pierce in Buffalo on 1/3/1878. Friday, January 4, 1878