Alcona County Birth Records

Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina, Charm Stella marina
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Birth Name Birth Date
Warren Burt Tacia Sunday, June 26, 1910
Warren Morris Thursday, May 31, 1888
Watson Demont Monday, August 2, 1909
Watson Lewis Bisbee Wednesday, December 25, 1907
Waynes Herman Henry Stuve Sunday, July 6, 1913
Wealthy Hazel Laurence Thursday, April 20, 1905
Wellington A. Monroe Monday, April 9, 1906
Wellington H. Case Tuesday, September 4, 1906
Wellington Laverty Sunday, July 21, 1907
Wellington Lawrence Sunday, March 18, 1894
Wellington Ross Pyne Saturday, December 29, 1900
Wellington S. Kahn Tuesday, March 19, 1912
Wellington Wright Sunday, November 22, 1908
Wesley Earl Redmond Tuesday, February 16, 1909
Wesley Elmer Friday, November 17, 1871
Wesley Gilbert Heitchler Friday, July 8, 1910
Wesley Jack Saturday, October 11, 1890
Wesley Kenneth Holcomb Tuesday, July 16, 1912
Westella Erland Monroe Friday, September 1, 1911
Wilbert Forsyth Sunday, December 7, 1884