Alcona County Birth Records

Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina, Charm Stella marina
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Birth Name Birth Date
William Charles Stewart Tuesday, December 7, 1909
William Conklin Saturday, September 9, 1871
William Cullen Bryant Barber Wednesday, January 17, 1912
William Culley Sunday, March 22, 1885
William D. Johnson Sunday, September 25, 1887
William D. Mitchell Monday, November 1, 1869
William Darius Good Monday, April 8, 1895
William David Logan Wednesday, July 4, 1894
William Dellar Thursday, December 11, 1890
William Duville Thursday, February 24, 1887
William E. Downer Wednesday, August 31, 1887
William E. McMaster Sunday, April 12, 1903
William E. Neil Saturday, February 15, 1902
William E. Williams Sunday, December 18, 1904
William Edsore Thornton Saturday, December 11, 1909
William Emmer Venard Sunday, September 21, 1913
William Fadden Saturday, May 10, 1879
William Finch Thursday, March 29, 1877
William Fowler Tuesday, July 28, 1891
William Franklin Campbell Saturday, March 15, 1890