Alcona County Birth Records

Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina, Charm Stella marina
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Birth Name Birth Date
William Lee Genge Tuesday, January 15, 1895
William Lens Burghdorf Friday, April 12, 1912
William Lincoln George Saturday, February 11, 1911
William Lorane Lemon Tuesday, March 26, 1907
William Luddington Sunday, March 11, 1877
William Lyle MacDonald Monday, June 26, 1911
William Mann Sunday, May 29, 1904
William Martin Wednesday, August 26, 1903
William Martin Friday, November 6, 1874
William McArthur Wednesday, May 2, 1894
William McDonald Friday, April 10, 1885
William McDonald Thursday, September 11, 1873
William McGillis Wednesday, April 18, 1883
William McKinley Price Tuesday, November 3, 1896
William McKinnon Sunday, January 18, 1891
William McVeigh Tuesday, June 14, 1870
William Mitchell Fettes Sunday, January 23, 1910
William N. Kruger Friday, November 18, 1904
William Perdue Monday, September 30, 1889
William R. Evarts Sunday, August 21, 1910