Alcona County Birth Records

Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina Charm Stella Marina Pandora Prezzo, Charm Pandora Compatibile Stella Marina, Charm Stella marina
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Birth Name Birth Date
William R. Johnson Friday, November 22, 1907
William R. Thompson Sunday, November 12, 1911
William Ray Grantham Monday, December 26, 1898
William Raymond Downie Sunday, October 19, 1913
William Richardson Saturday, December 25, 1886
William Robert Barber Wednesday, December 24, 1884
William Robert Jack Tuesday, October 8, 1872
William Roy Pyne Thursday, July 6, 1899
William Sherman Freer Monday, March 8, 1909
William Smith Wednesday, June 11, 1884
William Snowdon Wednesday, February 1, 1888
William Stanley Frayer Tuesday, November 12, 1901
William Stocks Tuesday, August 9, 1910
William Stuart Monday, November 13, 1893
William Towner Friday, September 5, 1873
William V. Hensey Tuesday, March 14, 1905
William VonFintall Wednesday, March 3, 1909
William W. LaChapelle Tuesday, April 8, 1879
William Wallace Bruce Thursday, March 21, 1889
William Wolf Friday, June 18, 1909