Alcona County Death Records

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Name of Deceased Date of Death
William Yates Thursday, October 7, 1937
William, Jr. Fowler Tuesday, June 6, 1893
Willis A. Dunn Friday, November 3, 1944
Willis E. Rothgeb Friday, November 23, 1962
Willis Jasper Wilson Monday, April 29, 1935
Wilson Keightley Friday, July 19, 1895
Winnifred Pettit Thursday, December 10, 1964
Without Name Andrus Saturday, December 7, 1889
Without Name Hood Sunday, December 29, 1889
Woodroe Wilson Somers Monday, December 17, 1917
Wycliffe J. Leesberg Tuesday, October 5, 1915
X Smith Saturday, December 12, 1908
Yolan Simo Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Zelda Ranger Tuesday, September 6, 1966
Zick Fritz Waldrick Sunday, April 28, 1907
Ziferenia Pappin Wednesday, September 9, 1914