More on the death of Robert Cade; buried in Mt. Joy.

Haynes Items.
Mrs. Robt. Cade has caused to be erected a monument to the memory of her late husband. The design is the same as the one erected to the memory of W. J. Proctor; it has engine and tender No. 20 and D. B. C. & A. R. R. engraved on it. There is one fault that I find, and that is this, in place of "died" on such a day, I would have inserted KILLED. There are a good many who have been killed who are buried in our cemetery, who are marked simply as having died; it would show that they had not died a natural death and would be more impressive to the public. The fence of the graveyard is in a very bad condition and the hogs of the neighborhood are running at large in it and rooting and destroying the graves. The Board of Health should take some action in the matter or the graveyard will soon be in a worse condition than the township highway assessment roll, which I think is not yet made out and no labor performed by the overseers of highways so far this season.

Thursday, July 30, 1891