School apportionments from the state.

County Reviewings.
Primary School Money.--The annual apportionment of the primary school interest fund has just been completed by the superintendent of public instruction. The whole number of scholars in the state of school age (5 to 20 years inclusive) is 458,536, and the total amount apportioned is $211,055.56, or 46 cents to each child. Last year the whole number of children was 447,038 and the amount apportioned was $223,069. The following is the statement of children in, and the apportionment of moneys to Alcona and adjoining counties:
Alcona, No. children 468, Amount $185.38
Alpena, 1,258, $578.68
Iosco, 1,104, $507.84

Friday, June 1, 1877