Another announcement of the Lott-Fralic marriage, with editorial comment.

County Reviewings.
The Alcona County Review announces the marriage of Miss Stella Fralic to Mr. Robert L. Lott. How on earth a woman who has ever read the Bible can consent to become Lott's wife, with the historic precedents all in favor of her being turned into a pillar of salt, is beyond our conception. Will the Review explain? Flint Globe.
Well, Mr. Globe, as you seem to be in a peck of trouble over the matter, we'll try and help you out. In the first place it is well to consider that circumstances always govern cases. Previous to her marriage, we understand Miss Stella faithfully promised herself that she would never look back toward the doomed city, and as she has never been known to go back on her word, even in her most trying circumstance of life, you may depend upon it that she is safe from that "pillar of salt," and will flee with Lott to the "mountains of refuge," with nary a turn to the right or to the left.

Friday, June 8, 1877