Addison Silverthorn shoots a rattlesnake near the lighthouse.

Rattle Snake.--As I was strolling near the lighthouse on Sturgeon Point, last Sunday, July 8th, I stopped to pick a few berries near the path, when presently I heard an uncommon and curious sound, and, upon looking around to see from whence it came, I saw coiled and ready for a spring, and but four or five feet from me, an unordinary large and dark colored snake. Fortunately for me (if not for the snake), I had a revolver with me, and I shot the snake before it escaped or did any damage; and upon examination I found it to be a rattlesnake having eight rattles and measuring three feet in length. It is the first of the kind ever seen in this section--yet there may be more--and I write this that persons (especially children, picking berries), may be on their guard and not be surprised and bitten. The one I killed had all the appearances of making an attack, and probably would, if I had not saved him the trouble by making it myself.
Addison Silverthorn.
Alcona, Mich.

Friday, July 13, 1877