Another article from "Achid" dealing with the closing of the Alcona store, and the township schools.

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From Alcona.
Alcona, September 3d, 1877.
Dear Review.--In your issue of Aug. 24th, there is quite a lengthy article reminding Achid that he possesses very little understanding, and that he had better mind his own business. I would respectfully state that the writer of said article is the one who lacks the understanding, as I shall endeavor to show to the satisfaction of the public. In the first place, the farmers of Alcona township do not wish to control the business of the store owners, and are thankful for all past favors. They believe that all men should control their own business, and they do not question the right of the store owners as regards closing--but they do claim that it was very uncharitable in those persons who predicted that the mossbacks would starve if the store closed. They forget that when one door closes God always opens another. The farmers of Alcona believe that the well to do farmer is the most independent man under the blue canopy of heaven, and they are straining every nerve to make for themselves homes and earn for themselves and families an honest livelihood. We must acknowledge the early settler in a new country will be hard up at times and often in need of a good many necessaries of life, but he has the prospect of being well off with a good comfortable home and king of his own domain; when he can look out of his door and survey his broad acres and proudly say, "This is mine, and I am complying with God's requirements as a husbandman and tiller of the earth."
We, the farmers of Alcona, do not wish the owners of the store any ill will, but we do wish that the unthinking ones would keep their wishes to themselves, and not whisper them so loud that they may be heard all over the township. We have no desire to enter into any controversy on the subject. Men of common understanding will see that there was no offense meant to the store owners of Alcona, by the article of July 27th, in your paper. It was intended for the 'knowing ones' and false prophets of the township.
We would advise the unthinking friend that when he writes again he will do well to comprehend what he reads. We do not profess to be a great writer--it does not require a great writer to state facts like the following:
School District No. 1 has 68 children of school age and $273.67 on hand Sept. 3d, 1877. Mr. David Beard has been elected Director for the next three years. The average number of months scholars attended school was 4 9/35 out of ten taught, costing the District $492--almost six months lost by the scholars and $300 paid out, and no benefit received by children, parents or the country at large. Think of it! Achid.

Friday, September 14, 1877