Reimbursement to Frank O'Dell for the burning of his house during the cholera outbreak, and to Dr. Mitchell for his services.

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Board of Supervisors.
A special meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Alcona, was held, pursuant to call, in the office of the County Clerk, on Tuesday Sept. 4, 1877. Present--Supervisors Dorr, Scarlett, Comins and Perkins.
The meeting was called to order by the Chairman.
The following resolution was adopted by vote:
Whereas, A house and certain personal property, belonging to Frank O'Dell, a resident of the Township of Alcona, was destroyed by order of the Board of Health of said Township, and this Board being satisfied that the destruction of said property was a public necessity and for the public good, therefore
Resolved, That the sum of two hundred dollars be allowed said Frank O'Dell as compensation for the destruction his said property, provided that said sum of $200 be accepted as compensation in full by said O'Dell.
Ayes--Supervisors Scarlett, Comins and Perkins. Nays--Dorr.
The following bill was presented to the Board: To Dr. Shelton for five weeks' board for self and horse while attending small-pox patients, $50.00.
On motion of A. T. Scarlett, sec. by C. M. Comins, the bill was allowed in full, by the following vote: Ayes--Comins, Scarlett and Perkins. Nays--Dorr.

Friday, September 21, 1877