Kudos to circuit court judge Tuttle, strongly opposed by the newspaper during election. He is now wearing a red ribbon (signifying temperance) and the subtle implication is that he drank at one time.

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Judge Tuttle.--His Honor Judge Tuttle, has won many laurels in Alcona County this week, by his able and dignified presidence over the Circuit Court. His first appearance on the judicial bench in this part of the circuit, was marked with great commendability, and the surprise of our people gave general expression to the declaration that J. B. Tuttle of previous not was not the J. B. Tuttle of to-day. His dignity of posture, quick perception and able construment of the Statutes, careful but decided rulings, create for him a very flattering appearance as Circuit Judge. The red ribbon which he wears, denotes reform in the man, and that reform is beginning to work glorious results for Hon. J. B. Tuttle. We opposed his election to the Judgeship, to be sure; we should do so again under the same circumstances. Our opinion of Mr. Roberts' able qualifications is not lessened at all on account of Judge Tuttle's well executed ability on the judicial bench. Judge Tuttle was elected to the office, is serving the Circuit with great credit, and therefore is honorably entitled to high congratulation from all quarters. We cast in our mite, hoping his present shadow may never grow long.

Friday, November 23, 1877