Temperance lecture and more information on the Red Ribbon Club reading room.

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Rev. L. H. Riddick, of Au Sable, delivered an able temperance address before the Harrisville Red Ribbon Club, last Friday evening. The speaker gave a large number of infallible reasons why a person could not afford to drink intoxicating liquor, even if its influence were felt by no other person than himself. His discourse, although not lengthy, was to the point, and we believe did some considerable good. A few appropriate temperance remarks were also made by Mr. Pelette, of Au Sable, D. D. of the I. O. G. T. Lodge. Subscriptions were received for the establishment of a free reading room, in connection with the club, to the amount of about $50, and a committee of ladies and gentlemen was appointed to solicit additional aid in this important interest, and make all necessary arrangements for the opening of the reading room. It is unnecessary to say that the temperance interests of our community are not on the wane as remarked by some of those opposed to its progress. The life and vitality of the cause is but just springing into activity, and we may expect some glorious results not many weeks hence.

Friday, November 30, 1877