Achid continues the argument for new roads in Alcona Tp.; plus observations on births and drinking.

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From Alcona.
Alcona, December 21st, 1877.
Dear Review: The citizens of Alcona county will remember that a few years ago there were two townships taken from Harrisville and attached to the township of Alcona by an act of the Legislature. Said territory was attached to Alcona with the understanding that there was to be a road made from Alcona to Hubbard Lake, which is only 13 miles from Alcona, in a due west course. The land owners of this Section of country used their influence to get the bill through the Legislature. The highway commissioner caused a survey to be made, and let contracts to open up the same in the month of Aug., 1873. There was some work performed on both ends of the road. There were still about four miles to complete that year, and still remains to be completed, and the consequence is that the lumbermen, operating in the Hubbard Lake region, have to travel twenty five or thirty miles, from Alpena or Ossineke, to the base of operations, when they could get there in eight or ten miles, from Alcona--and the village of Alcona would be the depot of supplies, and drive a good business in the fall. The way things stand now, the Pine is being taken out of the township, and there is no business in Alcona--only one firm hauling their supplies from the village--a Mr. Brannen, engaged in taking out square timber, who came in this fall and expects to operate here for several years. There have been about twenty-five thousand dollars expended on the twenty miles of road in the township since August, 1873, and there is not a road fit to haul a load on, yet, in the fall of the year. The tax-payers want to wake up and attend to their business, and put the following proviso into effect: "And Provided further, That all moneys so raised shall be expended in the surveyed townships where the same is assessed (Public Acts of 1877).
Now, I hold that the money raised in these townships attached to Alcona must be expended in such townships for the benefit of the land from which the tax is raised. The owners of this territory have a right to expect some benefit from their highway tax--still, we have six townships attached to Alcona, and there is not six miles of roads in the six towns. We are in hopes that the Hubbard Lake road will be completed, and that there will be a road laid out to the McDonald Settlement, in town 28 N., R. 8 E., running south and connect with the Hubbard Lake road. It is for the interests of all that I make these few remarks, as we are a growing community.
There has been twenty births in the township this year up to date, three in the village of Pierceville, one in town 28, R 8, and sixteen in Alcona proper.
On the 18th we had rain in the afternoon, and also on the 19th in the forenoon.
There have been several parties been drunk on the Sabbath Day, lately. There is also a story going the rounds about a ghost being seen in the village with long fiery eyes. I remain
Yours Truly,

Friday, December 28, 1877