Methods to attract more settlers to the area.

A Move that Should be Made.
Editor Review:--Detroit enterprise will secure the State Agricultural Fair at that city this fall and next, without doubt. Permit me to suggest to our farmers that they unite and make a show of Alcona County products there, this fall. It seems to be quite feasible and desirable as an effort to attract attention, and secure more settlers in this county; for one of the principal reasons of our slow growth, as compared with other parts of the State, is because so little is known of our farming lands.--Would not a combination of effort make a display that would attract attention this way, and bring in settlers? An increase of twenty-five or fifty per cent. of producers, would make a corresponding increase of value to cleared farms at once; build roads, increase all departments of trade, and lessen our taxes.--Would it not be the best thing for those who have lands to sell, too?
If there is any objection to the project I would like to hear from the objectors through the columns of the Review.
Yours truly,
C. P. Reynolds.

Friday, March 8, 1878