Alger & Co.'s train hauls a lot of wood.

Big Work.
Friday, between daylight and dark, Alger & Co's locomotive, the "R. K. Hawley," did her biggest day's work, and is now entitled to a gold medal. She made ten trips to the pinery, and brought down to the beach 165,000 feet of long timber. The distance of each round trip was about 14 miles, or 140 miles run in the total day's work. This is a pretty fair record for a locomotive of ten tons weight, when we consider the fact that an ungraded railway meandering through the pine forest is not calculated to be as smooth as the common air lines and thoroughfares running all over the country and carrying passengers, mail and express. Yes sir! we say give the "R. K. Hawley" due credit for this big day's work, and also place a feather in the caps of the engineer and fireman.

Friday, March 8, 1878