Timber slides can be used to get the timber to the shore.

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Timber Slides.
There is a method of getting in logs by means of slides, and some of the lumbermen in Alcona county are on the point of adopting the same for what it is worth. Slides are made by placing three strips of timber lengthwise, so as to form a sort of trough, and the same is continued length after length as far as the slide is desired to run. The logs are then placed in the trough of the slide and very easily drawn by horses to their destination. We learn that Mr. J. Van Buskirk, of South Harrisville, who has a haul of about seven miles, and who, on account of no snow, has been unable to get his logs to mill, has concluded to try the above plan. The forepart of the present week he commenced the construction of such slide, which is run from his tract of pine back of Greenbush to his mill at South Harrisville. The distance, as previously stated, is about seven miles; but Mr. Van. proposes to experiment somewhat with short portion of the concern, and if that works satisfactorily, he will push the same through to completion. He has nearly or quite 2,000,000 feet of short logs cut and on skids, and is very desirous of getting the same to mill by some means, and the slide method now seems to be the only resort left, as there are no prospects of more snow this spring. We also learn that Mr. G. L. Colwell contemplates building one of these slides from his north tract of pine, in town 27-9, to the skidways on the northwest end of R. A. Alger & Co's railway, and bring his logs from the latter point down to his mill pond by rail. Most of the long timber that Mr. Colwell has been getting out this season he has sold to Messrs. Alger & Co., on the skids. Most of said timber was cut from Mr. Colwell's south tract, near to the company's present timber operations, and a breach railway built from the main line to the point where the same was skidded. We believe Mr. C. completed his cut of long timber, for the season, and is now giving his attention to short logs, of which he will cut a considerable quantity.

Friday, March 8, 1878