Purchase of a poor farm.

Proceedings of a Special Meeting.
Pursuant to call, a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Alcona County was held, in the office of the Clerk of said county, on Thursday, the 3rd day of May, A. D. 1877.
Present--L. R. Dorr, Supervisor of Harrisville; Adam T. Scarlett, Supervisor of Alcona; and William Conklin, supervisor of Greenbush.
The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 2 o'clock p.m.
On motion, the following resolutions were adopted:
Whereas, The Board of Supervisors of this County, taking into consideration the increase of pauperism and the consequent increase of expense incurred in the support of the poor of their county--after careful consideration and consultation with the Superintendents of the Poor--deem it for the best interest of the county that a Poor House and Farm should be provided; therefore
Resolved, That the Superintendents of the poor of the County of Alcona be and are hereby directed and authorized to examine any farms in said county which may be offered for sale at a price not to exceed $7,000.00; said farm to be of not less than 120 acres nor more than 200 acres, having at least 40 acres under cultivation, and that said Superintendents make a report to this Board on Tuesday next, containing a statement of value, nature of soil, buildings, amount of land cleared, stock, farming implements, etc.
Resolved, That the Clerk of this Board is hereby instructed to cause the proceedings of this Board to be published in the Alcona County Review.
On motion the meeting adjourned until Tuesday next, at 1 o'clock p.m.
Geo. Ruston, Clerk.
L.R. Dorr, Chairman.
Pursuant to adjournment the Board of Supervisors of Alcona County met in the Clerk's office on Tuesday, the 8th day of May A. D. 1877.
Present--Supervisors Dorr, Scarlett and Conklin.
The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 3 o'clock P.M.
On motion the following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the Superintendents of the Poor of the County of Alcona, be and are hereby directed to purchase a tract of land with buildings thereon for the reception of the Poor of their count.
(Since the above was handed us for publication, we learn that the Superintendents of the Poor have exercised the power conferred upon them by the Board, and therefore purchased a poor house and farm at a cost of $6300????. The farm is situated in Greenbush Township, embraces 200 acres, with 100 acres of improvements. It contains fair buildings, and from what we learn the location is very desirable. The purchase was made of Wm. Conklin, the Greenbush Supervisor.--Ed. Review.)

Friday, May 11, 1877