More on the Recor and the Rounds.

Steambarge Recor Released and Towed to Port--Yacht in Trouble.
The schooner Rounds, which went on Black River Island last week Tuesday night, went to pieces and was a total loss, together with her cargo of coal. The Rounds was built at Tonawanda in 1875, was of 308 tons burden, and was valued at $2,500. She was the property of F. A. Relbenack of Alpena, who purchased the boat last winter at United States marshal sale.
The Steambarge Recor was on black River reef from Tuesday until Saturday night, when she was released and taken to Alpena by the tugs John Owen and Ralph. The Sturgeon Point lifesaving crew worked five days on the Recor. The boat was loaded with coal for Alpena, and delivered her cargo, excepting the deck load which was thrown overboard in order to lighten the ship.
The gasoline fish launch Marguerite Saturday struck a rock between Black River and Sturgeon Point and the life saving crew went to their assistance. The boat was fixed up so she could navigate without assistance.

Thursday, May 11, 1905