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Description of winter logging. Friday, April 27, 1877
Meeting of the Alcona County Board of Supervisors to consider purchasing a county poor farm. Friday, May 4, 1877
Death by consumption of Mrs. H. J. Aird on 4/30/1877. She is very likely Amanda Aird, married to Hercules Aird, a laborer who died in 1872. Friday, May 4, 1877
Organization of Independent Order of Good Templars. Friday, May 11, 1877
Purchase of a poor farm. Friday, May 11, 1877
Ship wreck of the barge D. W. Rust and the schooner F. B. Berriman. Deaths of Andrew Halcrow and Charles Myers on May 7, 1877. Friday, May 11, 1877
Marriage of Robert Lott and Stella Fralic of 5/11/1877. Friday, May 18, 1877
Placement of township hall. Friday, May 18, 1877
Second announcement of marriage of Robert Lott and Stella Fralic. Friday, May 18, 1877
Several local men going to work at Lake Superior life-saving station. Friday, May 25, 1877